5 Unique Client Tasks we’ve Done as Personal Concierge

As a Personal Concierge, we pretty much do anything our clients ask as long as it’s legal and ethical. We are always up for the challenge! Our goal is to provide the best and most efficient service to our clients. However, from one day to the next we never know what a client may ask us to do for them, so you always have to be ready for the unexpected. Below are a few examples of very unique tasks we have completed for clients.

personal concierge Newmarket1. Medication to Alaska

A new client called, advising her mother had been in a hospital in Ontario and she wanted to take her home to Alaska to get better. In doing so, she inadvertently forgot her medications. She asked if we could pick up the numerous prescriptions from the pharmacy and send them to her.
Yes, sending medication across the border is a huge task; paper work, documentation etc., however since it’s legal and ethical, we can do it. She was so happy we were able to accomplish the task thus allowing her mother to recover with her.


Personal Concierge Toronto2. Passport Application

A new client called and asked if we could help with her and her husband’s passport renewal. The challenge was that he is in hospital, chronically disabled. Yes this posed some challenges, however, utilizing our resources and specific skill sets we were able to complete all the documents, photos and send them off to passport office. We received the new passports in 22 days….again, as long as it’s legal and ethical, we can do it!


Personal Concierge York Region3. Sell an Engagement Ring

A client called and asked if we would be able to sell an engagement ring. With discretion (we do not asked what happened), we do the task at hand. Since she did not have an appraisal or any documentation, we took the necessary steps; getting it appraised and finding a buyer. Once the transaction was complete, we met with the client and transferred over the money. In this case we were dealing with a lot of cash and potential risk, so we were not about to leave it at her residence. Again, it was legal, so we completed the task.


Personal Concierge Ontario4. Pick up Ashes

A client called and asked if we would be able to pick up her husband’s ashes for her. She was grieving and did not have the stamina to go back to the funeral home and get them. This was something new for us. However, we went through the process, picked up the ashes and delivered them to the client. When the client came out to the car, she could not believe (and was most touched) that we had seat-belted them in the back seat of our vehicle. (It’s the respectful thing to do).


Certified Personal Concierge York Region5. Notarize Permit Documents

A new client called and asked if we would be able to get some documents notarized. Sounds easy enough. Well, the documents had to be picked up from her in Toronto and taken to Oshawa. From there a notary in Oshawa needed to be found that would be able meet the appropriate individual at the client’s place of employment and sign the document. The challenge was trying to co-ordinate the timing with three parties within a 24 hour window. We were able to research, find someone to do it and get them back to the client within 24 hours…whew!

When there are not enough hours in the day to do all the things you need to do, consider hiring a personal concierge to assist with the task and give you your time back to focus on more important things! We are here to serve you.

How about you? Do you have some unique challenges we can help you with? We look forward to connecting with you. You can reach me by phone or email, leave a comment right here on the site or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.

Until next time,


Tips on Where to Donate Items in Toronto……to Help Others

donations TorontoFollowing on my last blog post, most of us have too much stuff! So, I thought it might be helpful to give you locations in the Toronto area for items you are ready to donate. This will not only help you de-clutter your own life, but it will help others as well.



Used Clothing

Value Village –  Check their website for the closet location to you. No receipts issued
Canadian Diabetes Association – Schedule a pick-up with them – 1-800-505-5525
Goodwill –  Check their website for the closet location to you. Drop off only. No receipts
New Circles –  Drop off only at 10 Gateway Blvd., Toronto, No receipts. 416-422-2591
Oasis Clothing Bank –  Free pick-up in Toronto. Or Drop off at 186 Bartley Drive, North York M4A 1E1 416-751-0553
Salvation Army – Drop off at locations all over Ontario, 1-800-725-2769
Dress for Success – Check their website for the closest location to you.
Pegasus – Drop off at 931 Kingston Road, Toronto M4E 1S6 416-913-2544
Recycle Rewards – 90 Northline Road, Toronto, M4B 3E5, Drop off. 1-866-927-3873

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Downsize your Life – Assessing your STUFF

ClutterHave you ever assessed how much stuff you have or more importantly, really need? How much of all your stuff have you actually used in the last year? Why do we need to collect so much stuff? It’s time to downsize your life. Living with less can guide you to a simpler happier life. For instance, here are some sore spots for a lot of our clients:

Sheets – Do you really need more than two sets for each bed in your space? If you are diligent and do your laundry consistently, then two sets is enough.
Tip – Donate the rest to an animal shelter.

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7 Tips on Planning your Second Wedding

Second MarriagesYou’ve found love again! CONGRATULATIONS! Planning your second wedding will likely be easier. Anything goes, so relax and have fun with it. The 7 tips below are to help guide you through some questions that you might not be sure about if you are concerned about following proper etiquette.

1. First Steps are always the same

  • Figure out the type of wedding you both want
  • Casual or formal
  • What time of year do you want?
  • Secure a date

2. Attire

  • Be yourself – wear what you want
  • Yes, it’s okay to wear white
  • Wear whatever looks good and feels good on you
  • Create a theme and align your outfit with it
  • Men – a simple suit or themed outfit

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5 Tips on Hiring the Right Professional

how to hire a professionalBefore you even start the process of hiring any professional, take some time to think about your goals and objectives for the project (big or small), and write them down.
It can be confusing and even get overwhelming to know who to hire – however, if you keep the 5 tips below in mind, it will make the process a whole lot easier.

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10 Reasons Giving Back to your Community is Important

community serviceWe are all so busy in our daily lives being pulled in so many directions it can easily make us oblivious to the big picture – what’s happening around us in our community? Giving back to your community is one of the most important things you as a person/business owner can do. Here are 10 reasons community service is important and why we all need to do our part.

  1. You really do make a difference in people’s lives
  2. Helps build a solid relationship between you and your community
  3. Demonstrates social responsibility
  4. Helps build your reputation which can lead to business opportunities/partnerships
  5. Teaches compassion and understanding for others less fortunate
  6. Rewards for selfless acts can be personally very rewarding and feels good
  7. Develops and grows you as an individual
  8. Sets a good example for your family and others
  9. Excellent opportunity to use or develop your skill set
  10. Provides opportunity to support causes close to your heart

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5 Common Mistakes People Make Moving

moving dayMoving can be an ordeal and it can be stressful especially when things go wrong. You can make it easier by educating yourself on these 5 common mistakes people make when you are not prepared.

1.     Moving Company

  • Using a moving company that submitted the lowest quote
  • Not ensuring they have proper licensing
  • Not doing adequate research on their track record
  • Not coming to see what you have, to quote properly
  • Not knowing what size truck to bring
  • Not checking to see if they have insurance – this is a big problem when something goes wrong. You run the risk of being roped in later with additional costs which can cost you more in the end

Tip – Pay a little extra for a quality/qualified company that do a great job and are professional about what they are doing. It is well worth it!!!

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7 Tips to Help Calm Wedding Day Jitters

wedding planner York RegionNo matter how excited, prepared and ready you are, it’s perfectly natural to get a case of the jitters on your wedding day. Here are 7 tips to stay on top of them.

1.       Get Plenty of Rest

  • Take a nice relaxing bath with Epson salts to help you sleep
  • Do some meditation to relax before you go to sleep
  • Get to bed early – otherwise you will have baggy eyes or dark circles under them
  • Go for a nice long walk to clear your mind from worrying about all the details
  • Lack of sleep will make you edgy and possibly a bridezella…

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5 Tips on How to Spring Clean your Closet

personal concierge NewmarketAfter this long extremely cold winter and with spring in sight, it might be time to get excited about organizing and spring cleaning your closet. A major source of closet problems is clutter. Evaluate the needs and use of the items in your closet, allowing for more space. Here are 5 tips to help get you ready for spring.

1.       Getting Started

  • Choose a good time to do it when you won’t be interrupted or rushed
  • Place a sheet on your bed to lay/sort clothes on
  • Open the blinds and let the light in
  • Put on some fun music

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10 Tips to Down-Sizing your Home/Space

how to downsize your homeDownsizing can be both tough and emotionally exhausting. However, it can also be a blessing in disguise. Remember, it took you years to accumulate your stuff, so ask yourself this when you start – “When was the last time I used this item?” The goal is to keep the clutter or stuff from entering your new space. Here are 10 tips to help you get started.

1. Take Inventory

Take inventory of what you have. You might be surprised at how much stuff you have accumulated over the years.

2.  Make a List

Make a list of the items you love and can’t live without. Keep in mind, you can’t take everything with you.

3. Sentimental Objects

Take a few key items that are extremely special to you. And if you have children, give them each a couple of items and the meaning behind them. If it’s of value and no one in your family wants it, sell it or donate it to a charity.

4. Make a Plan

Over a 3 month period, commit to some manageable dates to complete the process. Obtain a floor-plan or exact dimensions of your new space (it helps make decisions easier to rid yourself of items that are too big to take along).

5.  Start with Less Used Areas of your Home

Because there are usually less sentimental attachments to items in these areas, it can make it easier to begin there and make decisions.

6. Wardrobes

This usually takes the longest, so I have listed this a a separate point. Downsize your wardrobe and free yourself from the clothes that you:

  • haven’t worn in a year,
  • loved it 5 years ago…. or
  • that you were going to wear when you lost 20 pounds

Just let them go! If you lose the weight, treat yourself to something new.

7. Invest in a scanner

All those boxes of documents and photos you think you need to keep… scan them onto your computer or save them to a disk.  Also, you can get most bills sent to you electronically these days so this will help cut down on paper!

8. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Try not to throw things in the garbage.  Recycle where you can, sell or donate. It’s easy to throw things out, but try and be environmental responsible and find a home for it. Consider a garage sale if the season permits.

9. Colour Coding/Labelling

When you are boxing up the items you are taking with you, use a colour coding system or label the boxes clearly, room by room. This makes things so much easier for moving and unpacking.

10. Get Help

If you feel it is too overwhelming or you cannot do it alone, hire someone to help you. It helps to have an objective person to guide you through it and to help you part with your stuff.

We do not suggest getting a storage unit, because you will just move the clutter there. Now is the time to go through it and do one of three things; recycle, sell it or donate.

Say goodbye to that stuff and don’t look back. You won’t miss it… It’s only stuff. The benefits to downsizing are living clutter free, feeling calm and more energized. And, it’s a whole lot easier to maintain!

We would love your feedback! You can connect via email or telephone, leave a comment here on the site, or click the connect tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this on the website.

Until next time,