3 Re-Gifting Etiquette Guidelines

re-giftingHave you received a gift from someone that just isn’t your ‘cup of tea’? Are the colours all wrong, or the size isn’t right and it cannot be returned? Perhaps you already had one. So many times people hang on to gifts because they don’t know what to do with them. Perhaps you are too embarrassed to tell the giver or feel it would be wrong to throw it away. Re-gifting is perfectly acceptable and here to stay but it’s important to do it right. Here are 3 etiquette guidelines to doing it guilt-free and avoiding any repercussions.

1. Worthy of re-gifting

Gifts are meant to be special so you will want to ensure that the person receiving will actually like and appreciate it. Not every gift is worthy of re-gifting, so choose carefully and give with the right intentions.

2. Keep Track

Keep track of who the gift was from originally to ensure it doesn’t end back up with the giver! Make sure you are not re-gifting within the same circle of friends or relatives. Keep the gift in a safe place and properly protected until you are ready to part with it. It’s important not to share that this is a re-gift.

3. Re-Wrap

Ensure there are no hidden tags or notes anywhere on the item. Re-wrap it in fresh paper and new gift bag with a new, personalized card. Do not re-gift any items that have been opened or used.

Re-gifting is not for everyone. If you have forgotten to label where you received that item from initially, then it is best not to re-gift it. However, when you do, don’t feel guilty. If you use these guidelines, you will avoid any repercussions.

As a Personal Concierge, I am asked frequently by clients to help them de-clutter. It’s often during these times, that this discussion comes up. Is this an issue for you? I welcome your feedback. How do you feel about re-gifting?  You can connect with me via email or telephone, leave a comment here on the site, or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.

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5 Funeral Etiquette Courtesies to Honour Bereaving Families

funeral etiquetteOver the last little while I have had some inquiries from people wanting to understand current, proper funeral etiquette. Here are 5 common courtesies that people need to consider when attending a service, wake or memorial celebration to honour a bereaving family.

1. Arrive on time

One should plan ahead and arrive at least 8-10 minutes before the service begins. Leave yourself enough time for traffic, parking etc.  I have attended a number of funeral services where people show up late. Interrupting or holding up a service is not respectful of the family.

2. What to wear to a funeral service

While wearing black is no longer required, wearing conservative (darker) clothing is still generally preferred*. Men should choose a dark suit/blazer, pressed shirt, pants and tie and a dress shoe. A dark dress or plain pant suit is appropriate for ladies. No cologne, perfume or flashy jewellery should be worn to the service. Items of clothing that are considered unacceptable are gym attire, jeans, t-shirts and flip-flops. One should be dressed in a manner that conveys respect for a grieving family.

3. What to say

Everyone deals differently with the loss of a loved one so be considerate of their feelings when you are offering sympathy. Mentioning a kind word (I’m sorry for your loss”) is appreciated and then move along. Don’t overstay unless no one else is there. Fifteen minutes is usually considered acceptable to pay your respects, sign the guest book and then you may leave quietly.

4. Cell Phone

Several times I have witnessed improper behavior regarding cell phones during a service; hearing one ringing or seeing a person checking their messages. One should check and double check that your cell phone is turned off during the service. If you are at all tempted, leave it in the car. There is nothing critical enough that you can’t do without it for 30 minutes.

5. Other Cultures & Practices

When attending a service in another culture or faith and you are not aware of their customs, it is best to ask someone (friend or relative of the family) or research what takes place. Some have very strict customs, rituals and styles, so be prepared. The last thing you would want to do is offend anyone during this difficult time.

I sincerely hope the above points will be a helpful when you need to attend a viewing, religious service or a memorial celebration. It’s all about being respectful of the bereaving family.

I have assisted a number of grieving families during this difficult time so if you have any questions, I am here to help.

As always, I welcome your feedback. You can connect with me via telephone or email, leave a comment directly on the site, or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.

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* If the family has specifically requested more colourful attire, one may respect the family’s wishes.

5 Strategies on Parting With “Sentimental” Clutter

declutter - personal concierge York regionAsk yourself – do I really need all these memories from my childhood to now or am I just keeping it for the sake of keeping it? Do you think, oh, I will look at it sometime? Realistically, when was the last time you looked at this stuff? Perhaps it’s time to let it go….Here are 5 strategies to help you part with that ‘sentimental’ clutter.

1. Set a Limit

  • Decide before you begin to keep between 5-10 items
  • Choose only those items from your past that really mean something special
  • Set a time limit and start small but start NOW!

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10 New Year’s Resolutions that are Realistic and Attainable!

personal concierge York RegionPeople make New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, many of them go by the wayside early into the year. Here are 10 New Year’s resolutions that are realistic and easy to implement throughout the whole year! The best part is that you will feel good knowing you are successful in making these simple but positive changes in your life!

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3 Tips on Organizing your Living-room for the Holidays

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Tips on Tipping in the Service Industry

how much to tipWe are often faced with the dilemma about tipping. What should I tip for and what shouldn’t I tip for? For most people, the few obvious ones are waiters, waitresses, taxis and hairstylists. However, listed below are some recommendations for people in the service industry, where tipping should be considered……

Home Related

  • Cleaning Service 15%
  • Movers $25.00 per mover
  • Furniture/Appliance Delivery $10.00 per person
  • Flower Delivery $5.00
  • Food Delivery $5-10.00

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5 Tips to Protect your Home from Burglars

how to safeproof a houseDid you know that every three minutes a house in Canada gets robbed?! Although, Canada is a relatively safe county, let’s decrease your chance of a break-in. Below are 5 tips to help you protect your home from burglars.

1. Doors/Windows

  • You can never have enough locks
  • Deadbolts on every exterior door
  • Patio doors should have a pin, key lock or a piece of dowel on back track
  • Garage doors should have bolt locks
  • Double paned windows

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10 Easy Tips to Help you Organize your Storage Room

concierge services TorontoStorage rooms are notorious for clutter! It’s also the easiest space to ignore, until you can’t find anything. Here are 10 easy tips to help you organize and maintain your storage space and make it easier to locate items when you need them:

1. Make a time commitment

  • Mark time in your calendar
  • Do it in small manageable chunks

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What is the Traditional Role of a Maid of Honour?

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5 Easy Tips to Improve your Time Management

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