5 Easy Tips to Spring Cleaning and Organizing

bigstock-girl-opens-the-curtains-23261228Spring is in the air and the birds are chirping, the flowers are budding and if you’re feeling like me, a sense of renewal is upon us! So let’s clear the winter clutter and enjoy springtime! Here are 5 easy tips to spring organizing and cleaning to start the season off right! 

1. Winter Clothes

  • Set your timer for 30 minutes and go through your winter wardrobe. Remove the items that you no longer wear, want or need. Do the same for the children’s wardrobe/s.
  • If you have an extra closet that you can move the clothes you’re keeping to, that will make life easier. If not, get some clear plastic containers that will fit under the bed and place the clothes in there. (You can find inexpensive ones at places like Walmart).
  • When organizing your spring/summer wardrobe, line up your blouses and t-shirts by colour, long and short sleeves, hang summer pants on proper pant hangers (hanging the pants from the bottom allows them to breathe and allows wrinkles to fall out) and place your skirts by length and colour. When you are in a rush you will be able to find things much easier or if you are a visual like me, you can see what you have. This also allows you to be creative and mix up your wardrobe!

2. Linens & Blankets

  • Start with the comforters and duvets. Remove them and send to the cleaners or take them to the Laundromat for a good deep cleaning.
  • Extra blankets can we washed and stored in the linen closet or in a clear container under the bed.
  • Before you change your flannel sheets to your cotton sheets, flip or if you have a pillow-top, rotate your mattress (you really should do this every 3 months)
  • Don’t forget to wash your pillows. If they don’t fit in the washer, take to the Laundromat. Inexpensive ones can be replaced with new ones.
  • Do the above for the children’s bedding as well.

Tip – open your windows while you’re doing this and let the fresh air in! Hopefully it will motivate you to get it done and remove any winter blahs that are still hanging around!

3. Kitchen area

Over the winter we always tend to stock up on more than we need. It’s time to take stock.

  • Clean out the refrigerator and give it a good wipe down. Before you put items back in, check all expiry dates and get rid of items, you have not used in the last 6 months.
  • Food cupboards: get rid of open half-eaten boxes of food (they are probably stale anyway) or expired.
  • If you have more than you need, take it to your local food pantry or food bank – they will be most appreciative.

4. Front Closet, Foyer & Mudroom

  • Get a large clear plastic bin and remove the winter coats, hats, mitts and place in the bin.
  • Do the same for winter boots.  Before placing them in a container or box, wipe them down completely to remove dirt and salt. Label box and put in the basement.
  • Children’s snow suits can probably be donated since the chances of them fitting next winter are very slim. Why waste space putting them in storage? If the boots are in good shape but won’t fit next year, consider donating them as well.
  • Don’t forget to put away your winter shoes, so you can bring out the sandal’s, sneakers, rain-boots and umbrellas!

5. Cleaning – This will take the longest…

  • Have all your cleaning supplies in a caddy, basket, or apron (other than the vacuum) for easy access.
  • By being organized with your supplies/equipment, you are not wasting time going back and forth for supplies.
  • Some items you will need; plastic gloves, dust cloth (micro-fiber), water, vinegar and use cotton rags for the bathroom, instead of paper towels to honour the environment.
  • Don’t forget, to wipe the vents, light fixtures, and base boards (remember, its spring-cleaning)
  • Get the children involved. Get them started in their own space. Teach them that they need to take care of their own space.  Good luck
  • Turn on some music while you are working to make it fun…. If you feel like dancing while you work, who says you can’t….?

Tip – if you forgot to change the batteries in your smoke alarm or CO2 detector when we moved the clocks forward, now is another good reminder. DON’T FORGET!

If you find that you are really overwhelmed or you truly just don’t have the time, consider hiring someone qualified to do it! Are you motivated?  I’d love to hear from you. Share your favourite tips for spring cleaning. And leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one, via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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3 thoughts on “5 Easy Tips to Spring Cleaning and Organizing

  1. These are great tips Kathy! It’s amazing what you can do in 30 minutes for a quick spring wardrobe changeover in your closet.

    If you’re looking for custom closet, mudroom, pantry or home office solutions to support your spring cleaning, feel free to connect with us. Our website is http://www.storagebydesign.ca for more details. We are local and support Newmarket and its surrounding areas in the GTA.

    • Thank you Will. 30 minutes is a good gauge to set for switching your wardrobe over. Otherwise you spend to much time guessing, what you should and shouldn’t keep. BTW, love your closet organizers, wish more people would invest in them.

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