Personal Concierge Services – Fastest Growing Segment of Service Industry

6549222_sDid you know that Personal Concierge Services are the fastest growing segment of the service industry in North America?

Busy professionals who have a million and one things to do, are now stepping back and asking themselves, “Do I really need to do this myself”?  They are outsourcing these tasks to a personal concierge so they can focus on more important things; whether it’s growing their business, careers or traveling.

Each time you do an errand or shop for a gift, you’re making a statement about the value of your time. I hear this all the time; “Oh, I can’t afford a Personal Concierge“. Well, here is what I tell people. You figure out what your time is worth as a professional or business owner and what it costs you to go out and do errands etc. – then calculate the cost for a Concierge to do it and you will be surprised how much money and your valuable time you are wasting by you doing it yourself. I know, I am a business owner myself!

These are some of the most popular Concierge Services used:

  • Home management services,
  • Errand services,
  • Gift purchasing,
  • Move-in/out help,
  • House-sitting,
  • Car maintenance,
  • Picking up and dropping off important files,
  • Organizing rooms/cupboards and planning events.

Let me give you a couple of examples of totally different types of tasks we have done for clients and saved them valuable time:

One of my clients was given a last minute opportunity to do some work in India. They just assumed they could get their passport/visa done at the Toronto office.  Little did they know, they don’t do India passports/visa’s there anymore. They are done an hour away in Brampton, Ontario.  After a meltdown in the car because they knew they had no time that week to go there, they called me. After I listened and calmed them down, I explained that if I got a letter authorizing me to do it on their behalf, I could do it. I met my client at their office the next morning and picked up their passport and authorization letter. Off I went. Long story short, I got their passport/visa in time for them to go to India.  My client was very grateful and said, “I should have just called you, what was I thinking……?”

Another client called me and advised me that her engagement fell through and she still had the ring.  She asked if we would be comfortable finding a buyer for it. I advised her we do anything as long as it’s legal and ethical. I won’t get into the details, but a good concierge will have a very exclusive list of vendors that deal with items like this. We were able to sell the ring and the client was happy.

Concierge Services give you the best gift… the gift of time.

How about you? In terms of time and efficiency, how many things can you think of that you do in a day that could easily be done by a personal concierge?  I would love to hear from you.  And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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