5 Tips to Ease Transitioning of Loved Ones to Assisted/Retirement Living

personal concierge & Transition Specialist  Kathy RussellHaving the discussion and/or making the decision with your aging parent or loved one, that moving to a retirement or assisted living facility is the best option for them, is a huge step. It is really important to understand the changes required to help them feel comfortable through this whole transition. Below are 5 tips to help ease this transitioning.

Once you have decided that this is the best option, it is really important to understand the changes required to help them feel comfortable and supported.

Things to consider:

1. Financial

  • Most times this will determine what type of facility is appropriate and affordable for them.
  • Take them to visit it as much as you can before the actual transition.

2. Prepare, Plan & Be Positive

  • You want to make this whole transition as comfortable as possible.
  • Discuss and include them in each step of the process, as this is a major change in their life.  Reassure them that they are not going to be left alone.

3. Guilt

  • Feeling guilty will not do you any good because the move is for the best and will ultimately benefit your loved ones’ health and well being.
  • Unfortunately there comes a time, when circumstances change and decisions have to made for a transition from their home.

4. Make it like home

  • When transitioning them into their new space, make it as much like home as possible (i.e., their favorite pictures on the wall, knitting or favorite books on side tables, a favorite tea cup for their morning coffee/tea etc.)
  • This will be a new routine for them, so the more you make their living space like home, the easier this transition will be.

5. Visits and keeping in touch

  • We are all busy people, but make the time in your calendars to go and visit weekly or monthly. If you’re too far away, hire someone, to go on your behalf, with some flowers or a treat for them.
  • Writing letters, sending cards, books magazine etc. to them, helps them not feel alienated.
  • Check in with the staff, and ask how they are doing.

We understand this is hard on both the person transitioning and the family. So if you feel you can’t not physically or emotionally handle the task, hire someone. Having an external party assist in the transition can be extremely helpful, because they are not emotional attached.

As a Certified Personal Concierge & Transition Specialist, we’ve had many clients who are just so overwhelmed with it all, so they hire us to come in and assist them with the whole process. Feel free to ask questions. And as always, leave a comment and a link back to your own blog too if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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