7 Tips on Planning your Second Wedding

Second MarriagesYou’ve found love again! CONGRATULATIONS! Planning your second wedding will likely be easier. Anything goes, so relax and have fun with it. The 7 tips below are to help guide you through some questions that you might not be sure about if you are concerned about following proper etiquette.

1. First Steps are always the same

  • Figure out the type of wedding you both want
  • Casual or formal
  • What time of year do you want?
  • Secure a date

2. Attire

  • Be yourself – wear what you want
  • Yes, it’s okay to wear white
  • Wear whatever looks good and feels good on you
  • Create a theme and align your outfit with it
  • Men – a simple suit or themed outfit

3. Registering for Gifts

  • Yes, you can register somewhere you both like
  • If you already have everything, register for “fun” gifts (i.e., camping equipment)
  • You might opt for guests to make a donation to a charity you both like
  • Set-up a honey-moon registry 

4. Children

  • It’s important to involve them
  • Give them a role or a part in it
  • Depending on their age, they can walk you down the aisle
  • They can say vows with you both
  • If they don’t want to take on a role, don’t force them

5. Marriage License

  • Same application process, as the first time
  • You need your divorce decree
  • If widowed, you need a copy of the deceased spouse’s death certificate

6. Money Matters

  • Share the expenses
  • Discuss the type of wedding you both want
  • Draw up a budget and stick to it

7. Prenuptial Agreement

  • Sure – this is a sticky subject – Talk to each other about it
  • You need to do this if there is property or substantial wealth involved
  • Hire a lawyer

Planning to wed again may involve feeling like you’re walking on egg shells if you have people throwing out their opinions on the matter. However, if you follow the above tips, you can relax and know you have followed what’s out there under “etiquette protocols”.  If things are more complicated with combining families, work hard to keep the lines of communication open between each other and with the children. It will all come together, as a family second wedding. You’re older, wiser, and happy to have found love again – so enjoy the moment.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or you’re too busy – consider hiring a planner to take the pressure off.

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