Downsize your Life – Assessing your STUFF

ClutterHave you ever assessed how much stuff you have or more importantly, really need? How much of all your stuff have you actually used in the last year? Why do we need to collect so much stuff? It’s time to downsize your life. Living with less can guide you to a simpler happier life. For instance, here are some sore spots for a lot of our clients:

Sheets – Do you really need more than two sets for each bed in your space? If you are diligent and do your laundry consistently, then two sets is enough.
Tip – Donate the rest to an animal shelter.

Towels – Do you really need a bathroom and linen closet full of so many towels? How many towels do you use in a week? Remember, you can use a towel more than once, after a shower. Pair down the number you have. Five to 10 is the most you would need in your space.
Tip – Donate the rest to animal shelter.

Tupperware/Plastic Containers – We are all guilty of having way too many plastic containers. Go through the drawer, match the containers and lids, and keep 5-7, various sizes, that’s it. Get rid of the rest. Any more than that and it’s clutter.
Tip – Recycle the remainder rather than throwing them out.

Books & Magazines – For many of us, yes, we love books. But really, unless it’s a first edition or a truly momorable book, you don’t need to keep it on a shelf. Once you’ve read it, get rid of it. Yes, it’s okay to have a few table books. But think about it, all the rest are just collecting dust. I am guilty of this…so I am on a mission, to de-clutter my books.
Tip – Books can be donated to your local library or retirement facility. Magazines can go to your local hospital.

Clothes – We all have too many clothes. I have talked about this in previous blogs; 5 Tips on How to Spring-Clean your Closet, and 5 Tips to Easy Spring Cleaning & Organizing.
Tip – If you haven’t worn an article of clothing in a year, toss or donate. Be ruthless!!!!!!!!!

Make-up – Ladies – seriously, you don’t need a ton of make-up products. How many tubes of lipstick do you really need? How many mascaras do you need? Two spring/summer lipsticks and two fall/winter, is all you need. You only need at the most, two mascaras; one waterproof and one not.
Tip – Make-up has a shelf life. If you haven’t used it in 6 months to a year – get rid of it. Most make-up after that period of time can be bacteria-laden.

It really comes down to what you really need to garner the best results for your life. Nothing bad will happen if you purge and let go of all the stuff! Life goes on and guess what, you will feel a whole lot lighter and happier!

I know many of you are very busy and have limited time or energy to de-clutter. Consider hiring someone!

Think about this – if you had fifteen minutes to pack, what would you take? I’d love your feedback. You can connect with me via telephone or email, leave a comment right here on the site or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.

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