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Did you know in 2014 approximately $750 million dollars in gift cards went un-redeemed? Are you considering giving gift cards for Christmas? Although it tends to be the easiest thing to grab at the check-out counters, it can also be a dicey choice. Some people love them and some people hate them. Here are some pros and cons to keep in mind if you are considering gift cards this year!

Pros to buying gift cards

  • They don’t require wrapping and prevent waste
  • They’re quick, easy and convenient
  • Easy to send to distant loved ones
  • It allows the recipient to get what they want
  • They’re helpful when you don’t know what else to get

Cons to buying gift cards

  • Some have fees and expiry dates
  • They can get lost or forgotten
  • One may feel sensitive about revealing the amount
  • They carry an obligation to buy your own gift, which may end up costing more
  • They may not be appreciated by older parents and grandparents
  • They are limited to one particular store
  • They can be considered impersonal

When you sit down to think about who you have to shop for, start making a list with ideas for each person. Don’t forget to set a budget. Try not to over think it – that’s when frustration sets-in. Once you have done your list and have your budget defined, set some time in your calendar to go and get it done!  If time constraints make it difficult to do the shopping yourself, consider getting help!

Receiving a wrapped gift is always appreciated and shows you put some thought, effort and emotion into it. We all have busy lives and lots to do, however, a well thought out gift shows you took the time out of your busy schedule to honour that special someone. This makes the gift giving special.

The holiday season comes but once a year. Make it easy on yourself and start now.

Happy Shopping! Enjoy the process, have some fun with it …

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