Holiday Tipping Guidelines

holiday tipping guidelines

Have you struggled with how much to tip over the holiday season? Holiday tipping is a way to thank people who enhanced your life throughout the year. Most people tip/give simply because they want to say “thanks for a job well done”. You most likely can’t afford to tip everyone however you might prioritize the ones that are the most important in your life. Below are some guidelines* to help you. Some of these suggestions might be a surprise as you may never have thought to include these people in your thank you list. Continue reading

How to Handle Receiving a Gift you Don’t Like

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How do you handle receiving a gift you don’t like? The word “gift” has an anticipation and excitement to it although receiving one can sometimes leave you wondering “what were they thinking”? Do you ever wonder what their thought process was when they chose the gift? Perhaps: Continue reading

Modern Day Manners & Mobile Etiquette

what's wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong with this picture?

In today’s society there seems to be a complete breakdown of proper manners and mobile etiquette. Showing good manners lets people know they are valued, significant, and demonstrates and elicits respect. They also help us be comfortable in social situations. By neglecting good manners and etiquette you may come across as arrogant and potentially insult others. Manners are something which should to be learned in childhood.  As parents, we are role models for children, so we need to do our part to keep the world from becoming a very rude place. And as technology continues to grow and impact us at an exponential rate including our children, it’s important that manners and etiquette be taught – now more than ever. Continue reading

7 Do’s & Don’ts When You’re a Summer House Guest

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With summer in full swing, some of you have probably received an invitation to a friend’s cottage or beach house. Lucky you! Once the host/hostess has let you know the date and time to arrive, your responsibility while you are there is to make things as easy as possible for your host.
Remember, you are not checking into a hotel or B&B, so don’t expect to be waited on. 😉 Here are 7 do’s and don’ts etiquette tips to follow as a summer house guest. Continue reading

Travel Etiquette 101 – 10 Tips for a Stress-Free Experience

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Travel etiquette – Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, by train, bus or plane, it’s the little things that can make your voyage much more enjoyable.  Here are 10 examples of thoughtful gestures and behaviour that will bring you a stress-free experience! Continue reading

5 Funeral Etiquette Courtesies to Honour Bereaving Families

funeral etiquetteOver the last little while I have had some inquiries from people wanting to understand current, proper funeral etiquette. Here are 5 common courtesies that people need to consider when attending a service, wake or memorial celebration to honour a bereaving family.

1. Arrive on time

One should plan ahead and arrive at least 8-10 minutes before the service begins. Leave yourself enough time for traffic, parking etc.  I have attended a number of funeral services where people show up late. Interrupting or holding up a service is not respectful of the family. Continue reading

7 Tips on Planning your Second Wedding

Second MarriagesYou’ve found love again! CONGRATULATIONS! Planning your second wedding will likely be easier. Anything goes, so relax and have fun with it. The 7 tips below are to help guide you through some questions that you might not be sure about if you are concerned about following proper etiquette.

1. First Steps are always the same

  • Figure out the type of wedding you both want
  • Casual or formal
  • What time of year do you want?
  • Secure a date

2. Attire

  • Be yourself – wear what you want
  • Yes, it’s okay to wear white
  • Wear whatever looks good and feels good on you
  • Create a theme and align your outfit with it
  • Men – a simple suit or themed outfit

Continue reading

5 Wedding Etiquette Tips

Kathy Russell - Wedding Planner OntarioYour wedding is considered one of life’s most important and exciting occasions. It can also be a stressful time and sometimes basic etiquette gets thrown out the window. Although the rules are becoming somewhat more relaxed over time, there are still some basic etiquette ‘rules’ to take into consideration.  Here are 5 wedding etiquette tips to help you.

Continue reading

6 Proper Etiquette Tips When Sending Christmas Cards

bigstock-Attractive-Brunette-Writing-Ch-6083551It seems we are all living in this fast-paced world and proper etiquette is falling by the wayside. However, when it comes to Christmas cards, which you only do once a year, my suggestion is if you are going to do them, you should do them properly. Here are 6 tips to keep in mind when doing Christmas cards.

1. Hand written

  • Use handwriting on the inside, with your signature and on the outside envelope. This gives your cards a personal touch and shows you care. (The only exception to this rule is if you order cards and had them personalized)
  • Hand-write a short note about their family’s well-being and a brief update on yours. Continue reading