Gift Card Pros & Cons

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Did you know in 2014 approximately $750 million dollars in gift cards went un-redeemed? Are you considering giving gift cards for Christmas? Although it tends to be the easiest thing to grab at the check-out counters, it can also be a dicey choice. Some people love them and some people hate them. Here are some pros and cons to keep in mind if you are considering gift cards this year! Continue reading

5 Easy Tips to Packing your Suitcase

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In my previous blog, I talked about travel etiquette. In this post we’re focusing on how to pack for your next trip. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, packing your suitcase is easy when you plan ahead. Always keep in mind the weather and season in your place of destination and don’t over-pack or you end up dragging it around and paying for it too! I hope these 5 easy tips will help make your life easier and lighten the load. Continue reading

5 Tips of what’s Trending for Summer 2015 Weddings

personal concierge and wedding planner York regionSummer is a beautiful time of year to get married. More and more couples are looking for outdoor and unique locations to have their special day. Whatever your budget or style, here are 5 tips as to what’s trending for this summer’s weddings.

1. Reception Entrances

  • Trending are dramatic entrances, perhaps a choreographed dance
  • Couples are opting to introduce themselves
  • Getting away from introducing parents, bridal party etc.

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5 Funeral Etiquette Courtesies to Honour Bereaving Families

funeral etiquetteOver the last little while I have had some inquiries from people wanting to understand current, proper funeral etiquette. Here are 5 common courtesies that people need to consider when attending a service, wake or memorial celebration to honour a bereaving family.

1. Arrive on time

One should plan ahead and arrive at least 8-10 minutes before the service begins. Leave yourself enough time for traffic, parking etc.  I have attended a number of funeral services where people show up late. Interrupting or holding up a service is not respectful of the family. Continue reading

3 Tips on Organizing your Living-room for the Holidays

personal concierge York RegionThe festive season is soon upon us; which for most of us, means entertaining family and friends. So let’s make your space welcoming and festive! Here are 3 essential tips to organizing your living room ahead of time, so you will be able to relax and enjoy your friends and family when they arrive. You will want to start with a clean room. This way, each week leading up visitors, you only have to do a light dusting and quick vacuum. The simpler you keep it, the easier it is to manage and makes your life a whole lot easier too! Continue reading

What is the Traditional Role of a Maid of Honour?

role of maid of honorWhat sparked me to write this particular blog is the number of bridal parties that really don’t know what their role is. Yes, it’s a great honour to be chosen, but it comes with a responsibility and you should accept with an understanding of what your duties are. Since the Maid of Honour has the most demanding and important role next to the bride and groom, below you will find the Maid of Honour’s traditional duties before and during the wedding. Continue reading

5 Easy Tips to Improve your Time Management

personal concierge York RegionHow often do you find yourself running out of time? Not enough hours in the day to get everything done? Too much to do? Here are 5 easy tips to help you improve your time management. Continue reading

5 Ways Wait Staff/Servers Make Events Stress Free

licensed wait staffDo you have an upcoming event, BBQ, dinner party or celebration of some kind? Have you ever considered taking the pressure off yourself and hiring wait staff/servers? Consider being a guest at your own event! Here are 5 ways that wait staff/servers can make your special occasion/event/party stress-free…Tip – Make sure you hire staff that are trained, come in uniform, wear name badges, are SMART Serve licensed and are insured.

1. Set-up
• Tables and chairs
• Set place settings, dishes, napkins, glasses
• Centrepieces, flowers
• Ensure bathroom supplies are replenished
• Table accessories (Water, Salt, Pepper, Sauces etc.)

2. Entrance Area
• Receive guests
• Hang Coats
• Remove shoes & boots from door area
• Receive gifts

3. Food
• Heat up appetizers
• Garnish foods
• Set-up buffet style
• Replenish food trays
• Prepare desserts, cut cakes & pies
• Prepare Tea, Coffee/Espresso etc.
• Serve appetizers

4. Bar Area
• Set-up self-serve or beverage station
• Prepare garnishes (Lemons, Limes, Olives)
• Glasses, drink mixes, ice, napkins
• Ensure wines are opened and breathing
• Serve beverages

5. Clean-up
• Ensure garbage/recycle bins are emptied
• Remove plates, glasses, plates, utensils
• Wrap left over food
• Clean up kitchen and bar area

Utilizing this kind of service gives you peace of mind knowing your guests are continually taken care of, and you can enjoy your event. What’s the point of hosting if you can’t enjoy and spend time with your guests? The best part of our work is when clients say “we’re part of the family”, because we cover all their special occasions.

We look forward to connecting with you!  You can reach us by phone or email, leave a message right here on the site or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.

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7 Tips on Planning your Second Wedding

Second MarriagesYou’ve found love again! CONGRATULATIONS! Planning your second wedding will likely be easier. Anything goes, so relax and have fun with it. The 7 tips below are to help guide you through some questions that you might not be sure about if you are concerned about following proper etiquette.

1. First Steps are always the same

  • Figure out the type of wedding you both want
  • Casual or formal
  • What time of year do you want?
  • Secure a date

2. Attire

  • Be yourself – wear what you want
  • Yes, it’s okay to wear white
  • Wear whatever looks good and feels good on you
  • Create a theme and align your outfit with it
  • Men – a simple suit or themed outfit

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5 Tips on Hiring the Right Professional

how to hire a professionalBefore you even start the process of hiring any professional, take some time to think about your goals and objectives for the project (big or small), and write them down.
It can be confusing and even get overwhelming to know who to hire – however, if you keep the 5 tips below in mind, it will make the process a whole lot easier.

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