Kick clutter to curb during spring cleaning with these tips

Clutter can be more than a household annoyance; it can exact a toll on your mental and physical health. Click the source link below to read the full article on how you can kick clutter to the curb during spring cleaning.

Source: Kick clutter to curb during spring cleaning with these tips

Tip: Hang keys on hooks near the door.

Tip: Put toys away in plastic bins on wheels.

Tip: Place recyclables together in a basket.


Spring Clean Your Purse

Blue women's purse. Things from opening a ladies handbag.

As the nice weather is upon us, it is time to change from that dark winter bag to a fun bright spring/summer bag. So let’s not carry over all that is in that winter bag, let’s keep it simple and organized and light.

Some helpful hints:

  • When choosing a bag, try and find one with one outside zipper and at least one compartment inside.
  • That inside compartment is the perfect storage spot for all your receipts. It’s easy and convenient to put them in it and it doesn’t clutter your wallet.
  • If you found a new bag that you love and it doesn’t not have compartments. Get a few clear or colour zipper pouches to separate items, to keep your new bag organized.
  • Do you find all that loose change that you throw in your bag sits at the bottom, making your purse heavy and impossible to find? Then why not make it easy to access by using the outside compartments or zipper part and throw the change in there.
  • Instead of carrying everything under the sun in your bag, keep a small clear container in your car, to hold items like; Hair ties, Band-Aids, scissors, tape and stain remover. These are not necessarily items you need to carry every-day in your purse. However if you needed them, there right there in your car.
  • Downsize your purse! This will keep you disciplined not to carry everything under the sun. If you need to carry any products, get the travel sizes. You don’t need to carry 10 pens and 5 different lipsticks. Remember the limit “Take Two”.
  • Do you have Credit card overload in your wallet? These days it seems we carry too many credit cards, bonus cards and rewards cards. Try narrowing down the number of cards you card. Keep the excess at home in a safe place. For rewards, bonus and gift cards, use the app “keyring” for US and “stocard” for Canada, to store them. It lightens your load 100%. I love this app!

Lastly, work on getting in the habit of cleaning out your bag every two weeks. It will help keep out those items that do not belong in there. We are all so busy, our purses become a catch all at times, so don’t get caught in that trap.

Hope these little hints help to lighten your load and make your spring/summer bag fun & light!

As always I welcome your questions and your feedback. You can leave a comment right here, at the bottom of the page or reach me by phone, email, twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Happy Spring!


Dealing with the Guilt of Letting Go of Family Heirlooms

Family Heirlooms

Helping clients to let go of family heirlooms is always a huge challenge. They are overwhelmed with the emotional guilt of letting go or giving away something that was once special to a loved one. It may be helpful, depending on what the object is, to have it appraised. A lot of the time, this helps ease the burden of letting it go.

There are many ways to simplify the sentimental stuff. Each concept includes focusing on what is most important and honouring its history:

Photographs are a nice way to preserve the memory
-If it is something you can use (be honest), and have a spot for it, than by all means keep it and enjoy it,
-If the item is tucked away in a box in your basement, it is not serving a purpose (other than collecting dust),
-Consider giving the item away to a family member or a friend that could use it.

Remember you are not attached to the item, it’s the memory associated with it.  If a loved one does not want the item, accept it and let go of it.  Once you remove the emotional tie to something you will be able to let it go. It helps to know that many charities are only too happy to receive donation goods that will go on to benefit others.

I have a client who for years had stored three bags full of her mother’s purses, in green garbage bags.  When I asked her to work on this, at a recent visit, I could see her start to panic. I had her sit down and went through the items with her.   She reviewed the purses one by one and placed them in the donation bag.  When she was finished she was so pleased with herself, and could not believe we got through all three bags (and found nearly $1000 in the process). This is an example that many possessions are just stuff!

Remember you do not have to do it all at once. Small steps are often key to success. Take it slow and honour the memories, keep only what you will use and let the rest go.

As always, we at Butler Girl, are here to help in any way we can.

Do You Want to Become More Organized & Efficient

Custom Closet Wtih Bags And Bins

Most people get excited in January about getting organized and removing the clutter in their space. We all have the best intentions of doing it, however after a few weeks people throw in the towel.

Let’s ask ourselves why most people fail? Most people, don’t have a plan, don’t know where to start, or they do a little in every room and they become overwhelmed and quit.


Here are some simple points to help you stay on track:

  • Make a plan. Write down what space/area you would like to start with. Once you have written it down, next step is to break it down into bite size steps. It could be a drawer, stack of magazines or a small corner of the room.
  • When you start small, you see immediate results and you are more motivated to keep going.
  • Keep it simple! Begin by creating categories of like items. Divide the items by what they are used for.
  • Once you’ve sorted everything, begin to go through the categories and make decision quickly, keep, toss or donate. Don’t over think it!
  • Schedule regular time for maintenance. Only 10 minutes a day will keep you on track and your home clutter free.
  • Check each task you complete off your list. It makes you feel you are accomplishing your goal, as well as keeps your stress level down.
  • Everything should have a home and should always be put back there. This will help you the next time you are looking for it. (i.e. Keys should be in one spot, near the door, either on a table in a visible box/bowl or on a rack).
  • Don’t run out and buy all kinds of different storage containers, fancy décor boxes, hanger’s etc. until you know what you need.
  • Plan little rewards along the way to keep you motivated.


Remember, there is no need to keep something you don’t like, won’t use or because it was a gift. Your goal is to get organized, purge and let go of the clutter. If you don’t think you can do it alone, ask a trusted friend, or a professional organizer for help. They will help keep you on track and serve as your accountability partner.

Lastly, keep it simple, using small steps at a time. I know you can do it! At Butler Girl, we are always here to help and support you!


9 Free Mobile Apps to Help with Holiday Shopping

shopping apps for mobile

Are you someone who lacks the time or patience to go holiday shopping? This blog post is for you! I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of some free mobile apps for smart phones and Android that will make your holiday shopping easy and stress-free this year. I hope you find these helpful.

1. Retail Me Not – Smart phones & Android

This app offers deals and sale both in-store and on-line shopping from a wide range of retailers. This is a Canadian & USA app only.

2. Wish – Smart phones & Android

This app offers unique and cool items at cheaper prices. You’ll find fashion, accessories and electronics anywhere from 50-70 % cheaper than local malls. This is a worldwide app.

3. Red Laser – Smart phones

This scans barcodes and compares prices in thousands of different stores and displays where you can find the item cheapest.  This is a USA app and there is no need to collect coupons.

4. Santa’s Bag – Smart phones & Android

This app manages your Christmas shopping list. You can set-up a holiday gift budget. It allows you to add gift recipients and gift ideas. It’s designed not to forget anyone on your list. This is a global app.

5. One Receipt – Smart phones

This is my favorite app. You scan your receipt and you’ll never have to worry about what you did with the original. This is a great app if you have to return a gift. It also pulls any e-receipts automatically. This is a Canadian & USA app.

6. Clutch – Smart phones & Android

This app stores your coupons as well as loyalty and gift cards. At the check-out you just scan it.
It acts like a mobile wallet. This is a USA app.

7. Favado – Smart phones & Android

Company coming for Christmas dinner? This app provides real time sales data from over 65 thousand stores. It allows you to focus in on your local grocery store and which has the best deals. This is a USA app.

8. Goodzer – Smart phones

Compares prices on products ranging from deodorant to that little black dress. Type in what you are looking for and Goodzer will locate who has it and display the closest location and price.

9. Amazon – Smartphones & Android

If all else fails and you can’t find that special item, Amazon is the place to go. They can usually find it for you. They have great customer service and easy returns. This is a Canadian & USA app.

These are just a few apps that might help make your shopping experience in Canada and the USA more enjoyable. I hope you find this useful. Do you have a favorite app? Please share it with me and my readers.

Enjoy your holiday shopping app experience! As always I welcome your questions and your feedback. You can leave a comment right here on the site, click the contact button at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website or reach me by phone or email. Don’t forget to join in the conversation on Facebook or Twitter too!

Happy Holidays,


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