Do You Want to Become More Organized & Efficient

Custom Closet Wtih Bags And Bins

Most people get excited in January about getting organized and removing the clutter in their space. We all have the best intentions of doing it, however after a few weeks people throw in the towel.

Let’s ask ourselves why most people fail? Most people, don’t have a plan, don’t know where to start, or they do a little in every room and they become overwhelmed and quit.


Here are some simple points to help you stay on track:

  • Make a plan. Write down what space/area you would like to start with. Once you have written it down, next step is to break it down into bite size steps. It could be a drawer, stack of magazines or a small corner of the room.
  • When you start small, you see immediate results and you are more motivated to keep going.
  • Keep it simple! Begin by creating categories of like items. Divide the items by what they are used for.
  • Once you’ve sorted everything, begin to go through the categories and make decision quickly, keep, toss or donate. Don’t over think it!
  • Schedule regular time for maintenance. Only 10 minutes a day will keep you on track and your home clutter free.
  • Check each task you complete off your list. It makes you feel you are accomplishing your goal, as well as keeps your stress level down.
  • Everything should have a home and should always be put back there. This will help you the next time you are looking for it. (i.e. Keys should be in one spot, near the door, either on a table in a visible box/bowl or on a rack).
  • Don’t run out and buy all kinds of different storage containers, fancy décor boxes, hanger’s etc. until you know what you need.
  • Plan little rewards along the way to keep you motivated.


Remember, there is no need to keep something you don’t like, won’t use or because it was a gift. Your goal is to get organized, purge and let go of the clutter. If you don’t think you can do it alone, ask a trusted friend, or a professional organizer for help. They will help keep you on track and serve as your accountability partner.

Lastly, keep it simple, using small steps at a time. I know you can do it! At Butler Girl, we are always here to help and support you!