Kick clutter to curb during spring cleaning with these tips

Clutter can be more than a household annoyance; it can exact a toll on your mental and physical health. Click the source link below to read the full article on how you can kick clutter to the curb during spring cleaning.

Source: Kick clutter to curb during spring cleaning with these tips

Tip: Hang keys on hooks near the door.

Tip: Put toys away in plastic bins on wheels.

Tip: Place recyclables together in a basket.


5 ways to Get Organized for 2012

bigstock-Happy-family-laying-on-bed-17007794We’ve just had another busy year and there is another holiday season upon us.  Let’s begin this New Year with a fresh start and aim for less stress so we can spend time on things that really matter. Here are 5 ways to get organized in 2012.

1. Downsize your stuff – As you start to put away your gifts from the holidays, make a commitment to yourself, that for every new item that you received, you get rid of two things. I call it the get one, give two rule! Now, before the rest of the family puts their new items away, get them to commit to putting a bag/box of old toys, clothes or books in a bag/box for charity. Once the bag/box is ready – call Canadian Diabetes 1-800-505-5525, mark it with the letter “D” and they will come pick it up, no charge.  “Get, Give, feel good”! Continue reading