Spring Clean Your Purse

Blue women's purse. Things from opening a ladies handbag.

As the nice weather is upon us, it is time to change from that dark winter bag to a fun bright spring/summer bag. So let’s not carry over all that is in that winter bag, let’s keep it simple and organized and light.

Some helpful hints:

  • When choosing a bag, try and find one with one outside zipper and at least one compartment inside.
  • That inside compartment is the perfect storage spot for all your receipts. It’s easy and convenient to put them in it and it doesn’t clutter your wallet.
  • If you found a new bag that you love and it doesn’t not have compartments. Get a few clear or colour zipper pouches to separate items, to keep your new bag organized.
  • Do you find all that loose change that you throw in your bag sits at the bottom, making your purse heavy and impossible to find? Then why not make it easy to access by using the outside compartments or zipper part and throw the change in there.
  • Instead of carrying everything under the sun in your bag, keep a small clear container in your car, to hold items like; Hair ties, Band-Aids, scissors, tape and stain remover. These are not necessarily items you need to carry every-day in your purse. However if you needed them, there right there in your car.
  • Downsize your purse! This will keep you disciplined not to carry everything under the sun. If you need to carry any products, get the travel sizes. You don’t need to carry 10 pens and 5 different lipsticks. Remember the limit “Take Two”.
  • Do you have Credit card overload in your wallet? These days it seems we carry too many credit cards, bonus cards and rewards cards. Try narrowing down the number of cards you card. Keep the excess at home in a safe place. For rewards, bonus and gift cards, use the app “keyring” for US and “stocard” for Canada, to store them. It lightens your load 100%. I love this app!

Lastly, work on getting in the habit of cleaning out your bag every two weeks. It will help keep out those items that do not belong in there. We are all so busy, our purses become a catch all at times, so don’t get caught in that trap.

Hope these little hints help to lighten your load and make your spring/summer bag fun & light!

As always I welcome your questions and your feedback. You can leave a comment right here, at the bottom of the page or reach me by phone, email, twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Happy Spring!


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