Kick clutter to curb during spring cleaning with these tips

Clutter can be more than a household annoyance; it can exact a toll on your mental and physical health. Click the source link below to read the full article on how you can kick clutter to the curb during spring cleaning.

Source: Kick clutter to curb during spring cleaning with these tips

Tip: Hang keys on hooks near the door.

Tip: Put toys away in plastic bins on wheels.

Tip: Place recyclables together in a basket.


3 Tips on Planning a Meaningful Father’s Day

bigstock-Father-And-Son-At-Beach-Fishin-4135229Father’s Day is just around the corner and in most countries around the world, its celebrated the third Sunday in June. Take this day to show extra appreciation for fathers, father figures, grandfathers, step-fathers, father-in-laws and guardians. They’re extra special today! So, here are 3 tips to help plan a simple, but meaningful Father’s Day!

1. Let Dad Enjoy His Day

  • By sleeping in
  • Relaxing
  • Playing his favorite sport
  • Give him breakfast in bed

This is one day a year, where he can do whatever he wants and not feel any pressure.

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7 Ways to De-Clutter Your Home

12621223_sAs an Organizer, I am often asked for help on de-cluttering people’s homes. The most common clutter that people face is the amount of paper, clothing and ‘kid stuff’ that comes in the door. I always suggest beginning with the area that causes you the most stress. Here are my 7 ways to tackle the job.

1. Incoming Paper

Designate a spot for all incoming paper, flyers, mail, receipts and school stuff. Paper often accounts for overwhelming clutter. Find an easy system that will work for you and your space. Try a colour file folder system or baskets or boxes labelled with the following: Continue reading